Noah Oppenheim

Noah Oppenheim is the president of NBC News and is responsible for the network’s award-winning programming, editorial units, the division’s expanding digital and streaming properties and its bureaus around the world.

Under his leadership, NBC News has intensified its focus on original journalism, and as part of that, Oppenheim has been a driving force in the launch and management of NBC News Studios and all of its projects. He serves as an Executive Producer on its first scripted series, The Thing About Pam, starring Renee Zellweger.

Also a screenwriter, Oppenheim wrote the critically acclaimed film Jackie, which was awarded Best Screenplay at the 73rd Venice Film Festival. He also co-wrote The Maze Runner, launching a trilogy that has grossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide.

Outside of work, Oppenheim spends time with his family, trying to teach himself watercolor painting.