Bryson Barnes

Bryson Barnes is a lifelong audio creator who got his start as a jazz trumpeter before turning his ear toward composition and audio post-production. He joined NBCU in 2020 to help launch a full slate of original podcast programming after cutting his teeth on content from 99 Percent Invisible, The New York Times and Reveal. At NBC News Studios Bryson manages audio engineering and facilitates day-to-day production for podcasts from Dateline, NBC News, TODAY and MSNBC. Credited on over 10 Apple #1s, Bryson has played a key role in helping produce Peabody, DuPont, Webby, Signal and Hillman Prize winners, Pulitzer finalists and Emmy and Ambie nominees. When he’s not busy spreading the gospel of podcasts, he can be found on the playground, chasing his two kids up the slide.